Moral Injury Therapy

Moral Injury is the trauma which occurs after an act of Omission, Commission, or Betrayal is committed against a person's foundational values. This results in a person experiencing unconsolable guilt, shame, anger or grief. Symptoms are persistent over time and do not improve with traditional helping methods. Moral Injury affects a person's moral judgement and working conscience. Those experiencing Moral Injury feel internally as though they are unable to make meaningful decisions without causing themselves or others more duress. Treatment for Moral Injury focuses on externalizing the internal duress in order to find meaning and rebuild values.

This therapy may very very effective for those who have experienced trauma including Veterans, first responders, medical personnel, Social workers, counselors, etc.

Please contact Joshua Harris, CSW-PIP for this treatment. He is available in our Rapid City location or telehealth.

Joshua is also available for education and presentations as well.