Rates & Insurance

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If you have an HSA, you can use it here no matter who you see!


Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, check, or credit card payments.


Insurance participation varies by provider. To find out if services are covered by your plan, contact your HR representative or Insurance Plan Administrator.

*As a group, we accept insurances and also work to become in network for you; unfortunately some of our clinicians are unable to accept certain forms of insurance.  Therefore, telehealth options will be offered or referrals will be made in your community.

  • Aetna
  • Avera (We accept Avera Plans; Please see note below if you have "Avera Direct" Plan)
  • Avera EAP
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • ComPsych EAP 
  • Connections EAP
  • DakotaCare 
  • First Choice Health Administrators 
  • Health Partners
  • Iowa Medicaid
  • Iowa Total Care
  • Lyra EAP
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid - SD
  • Medica (UHC)
  • Nebraska Medicaid 
  • Nebraska Total Care
  • Optum VA
  • Optum Health
  • Physician Mutual Insurance Company 
  • Sanford Health Plan (We are unable to accept "Sanford True")Tricare 
  • UMR
  • United Health Care
  • Wellcare of Nebraska

We are out of network for both Sanford True and Avera Direct Plans. 

We are always working toward adding insurance companies to serve all; please let us know what you need.


Covered services and rates vary from plan to plan. If you have questions about coverage, you should talk to your HR representative or call your insurance company directly. Here are some helpful questions to ask:

Does my plan cover either “Mental Health Benefits” or “Behavioral Health Benefits”?

Is my provider in or out-of-network?

Is there a limit on the number of outpatient therapy visits covered? If so, how many?

Am I responsible for a co-pay or a certain share of the cost per session?

How much of my deductible have I met thus far?

Does my plan require me to use a preferred provider or can I choose whomever I want and use out-of-network benefits if necessary?

Does my plan limit the time allowed in each appointment?


Cancellation Fee: A cancelled appointment hurts three people: you, your therapist, and another client who could have potentially used your time slot. Therapy sessions are scheduled in advance and are a time reserved exclusively for our clients. When a session is cancelled without adequate notice, we are unable to fill this time slot by offering it to another current client, a client on the wait list, or a client with a clinical emergency. In addition, we are unable to bill your insurance company for sessions that are not kept.

Rising Hope Counseling, LLC charges a $70.00 cancellation fee if appointments are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. Cancellation fee must be paid before appointment can be rescheduled.

If you miss two scheduled appointments within a 90 day time period without 24 hours advance notice, the therapeutic relationship will be terminated.

Phone Calls: Any phone calls after the initial evaluation, relating to client, lasting longer than 10 minutes, will be billed at 15 minute increment (rounded to the nearest 10 minute mark) at $15 per 10 minute increments. Please note that therapists are not available after hours.

Letters: Any written letters of verification or recommendation (e.g. compliance of treatment, school correspondence, etc.) are a cost of $35 in addition to the hourly counseling fee.

Legal Fees: As part of the therapeutic process, the therapist does not feel it is beneficial to the treatment process to participate in any legal process concerning therapy that was given through Rising Hope 605. If requested, the therapist will decline. If it becomes necessary to participate (e.g. court order, subpoena), the hourly rate for this therapist’s preparation and testimony in a court hearing is $250 per hour, and payment will be required in advance. This hourly rate includes any and all time listed on the subpoena, regardless of actual testimony time, as we are unable to schedule other clients during these times. This rate begins from the time the therapist leaves the office for the courthouse and ends when testimony is complete and we are dismissed from the courtroom. This fee also includes any communication with your lawyer prior to testimony. A 24 hour notice is required for cancellations otherwise full fees will be charged for the time. 

Sliding Scale Fee: Rising Hope Counseling, LLC also helps to provide low and nominal fee sessions, in conjunction with Rising Hope Together, Inc., a 501C3 nonprofit corporation.

Just because you have insurance does not mean that you have to use it. Some clients choose not to have their sessions submitted to insurance for a variety of reasons. If you’re curious as to what option is best for you, contact us today for more information!