Telehealth (online)

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Your first Telehealth session can trigger anxiety of the unknown.

Generally, your clinician will send you a link to connect you to the video room at the time of your session. You will receive an email with that link.

We use Google Meet. Will you need to download the Google Meet app or You can go to:

For more assistance with Google Meet click here for more information.

Some clinicians may utilize Doxy (however, nation-wide that platform is creating difficulty). Your clinician will contact you and guide you during the beginning of your session.

Sometimes these links will not be sent until the time of your session. It may be anxious, but it will all work out!

We are here for you!


South Dakota is a rural state; for many of us, getting access to services means driving many miles. We understand that this can be a significant barrier to getting the help that you need, and we’re happy to offer a solution!

We provide teletherapy services through a HIPAA-compliant, secure video-chat server. You don’t need to download any program or app, you simply need a compatible device with a front-facing camera or webcam and internet connection. Follow the unique link we provide you, and you will automatically be connected at the time of your scheduled appointment! We provide the same treatment you would get in our office, but you never have to leave your home!

We are in network with many insurances that cover telehealth.

For more information, or to set up a teletherapy appointment, call us today at (605) 494-1500 or complete a New Client Request!