Lesley Atkins

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Community and family ideals prompted me to look into the field of social work and mental health. I have experience working with client populations in different types of human services and the social work fields to promote a life worth living for over 15 years. Most recently, being a direct mental health supporter in the therapist role has allowed me to also work to reduce tensions and hurt within families, couples, and groups that also support the individual needs of my clients.

Part of my work as a Social Worker is aimed at advocacy for others through a growth and change mindset. This is done with non-biased support for my clients. Together with the client, we work to better understand triggers to negative core beliefs that are triggered in stressful moments. These triggers become reactions that negatively impact the overall happiness of an individual. By working to identify current barriers to happiness and patterns that are not allowing individuals to reach their optimum level of happiness, the client is able to set, achieve, and maintain life goals geared at overall mental well-being.

As a mother of 3 children, I feel obligated to help support my community in being a healthy and happy environment for all. My belief is that if a community stands together to support people of all ages and backgrounds, the entire community succeeds. This also goes for couples and families work, and I encourage all individual clients to be open to the idea of family or couples working together to reduce negative communication patterns for long term success.

Available at our Burke office location and for Telehealth.