Linda Richardson

I have lived in South Dakota all of my life; first on the west side of the state and now on the east. I enjoy spending time with my family and my dog, going to church, gardening and other quiet activities. I’m easy to get along with and enjoy people.I have witnessed the extreme pains and the profound joys that life has to offer all of us. I have lived them, and I have supported my clients through them. In my clients, I have met some of the strongest, most capable people I think I will ever meet.My clients continue to amaze me with their personal growth and integrity even when they might find it difficult to see a way past their pain or problem. I work with them, exploring some of their options and giving them information. I ask them to make small adjustments and watch their results carefully. Then we build on what is working. We begin to see more solutions than problems! Hope returns. Moods lift. Relationships improve. Peace arrives. What a beautiful process! I love what I do.I began my counseling career doing mental health counseling and some career counseling at the University of SouthDakota. I was there for many years and loved working with adults and young adults. While working there I began a limited private practice that eventually grew into a full time private practice. I still love what I do. I am, however, now excited to be with Rising Hope 605 as my journey continues.