Madi Griebel

Hello, I’m glad you are here! Born and raised in Mitchell, I have always resided in our great state of South Dakota. I attended the University of South Dakota in the fall of 2018, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in May of 2021. It was during college that I met my husband, who is originally from Minnesota but spent a majority of his life in Parkston, where I will be practicing. We bought a house together in Parkston upon my graduation from USD and we have since fallen in love with the community!

After graduating from USD in 2021, I then pursued graduate school through the University of Jamestown and earned my Master of Science in Clinical Counseling in August of 2023. Throughout my graduate internships, I have worked with a variety of clientele ranging in age from 7 to 70. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, relationships, self-image issues, and life transitions. I have worked in both community mental health settings as well as private practice, both of which have garnered rich clinical experiences. 

My philosophy in therapy is that you are the expert on your life; I am here to offer objectivity, perspective, support, guidance, and encouragement. I also believe that therapy embodies a journey of growth, self-reflection, and self-validation. We never stop learning about ourselves and how we fit into this perpetually evolving world, and I find this to unfold like a beautiful mystery. In using an eclectic treatment approach, I have found that therapy helps to cultivate a deeper sense of self and offers clients a safe place to feel and share their emotions.

When I am not sitting in my therapist chair, I enjoy spending time in nature, reading a good book, traveling, exercising, and going on adventures with my husband. I love to be outside, and we often go for walks or sit on our patio together at night to unwind. Faith is a strong component in my life, and I truly believe that I have been called to this field of work so that I can offer care, encouragement, and hope to the clients that I serve. I look forward to meeting with you and walking alongside you as you learn how to surf the waves of life.